This is Mr. Kurth's Differential Equations class, 3rd period. 

Consumer Math exposes students to a wide variety of mathematical concepts ranging from basic arithmetic to calculus.  Unlike a traditional math class, the concepts taught are presented as they relate to a variety of real-life topics.  These topics include, but are not limited to, basic financial responsibility, housing, construction, transportation, physics, art, music, and government.  The bulk of the course grade depends on the satisfactory completion of projects, as opposed to traditional paper-and-pencil worksheets and assignments.  These projects also incorporate such academic skills as various writing styles, presentations, group work, and hands-on modeling.

Algebra I is designed to give students a solid foundation in algebra concepts and skills. The course covers laws of mathematics, operations with signed numbers, concepts of sets, solutions of equations and inequalities, factoring, functions, and real numbers. The course spends a great deal of time on various types of word problems. Algebra I is recommended for students who plan to attend college.

This is AP Statistics.  You will get ADM credit for this class.  In addition, this is DMACC MAT157.  You will receive 4 credit hours for taking this DMACC class.